You want to check the IP address in Linux, but you are not sure how to do it? Don’t worry because you are at the right place! Read this article and discover the 4 simplest way to check the IP address!

Regardless of what Unix or Linux you are running, there are a few methods you can use to check your IP address. The important thing is that you are not the first nor the last person who is insecure about how to check the internal IP address.

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We are going to present you 4 different methods you can use. You can use the method that seems simplest to you.

    1. Use the Ubuntu Interface – This is the first method and includes clicking the network icon in the notifications. If you cannot find the network icon it means it is not displayed and you need to add it by right clicking the notifications and then select Add to Panel and after that Network Manager. The 10 digit number that appears is the IP address.

  1. Add a Command in Most Linux Builds – The first thing you need to do is Open Terminal. Once you will open it, you need to enter this command – ip addr show. After adding the command you should receive information on the Ethernet devices connected to the network. The IP address of each device is listed after the term “inet”.
  2. Add a Command in Unix – Again, you need to Open Terminal. Once you will open it, you need to enter this command – /sbin/ifconfig. After adding the command, you should receive a network information. It is possible to get an error message, so if something like this happens, enter sudo/sbin/ifconfig. For those who are using Solaris, you need to enter /sbin/ifconfig – a. If you get a message that says that ifconfig is condemned, switch to the instructions – Enter a Terminal Command in Linux. If everything is okay, find the IP address of each device after the term “inet adr”.
  3. Terminal Command for Unix, Linux or Ubuntu – Open a terminal and enter the command – hostname – I (I is a capital letter). If a single interface is active, you will automatically get back the internal IP address.

These are the 4 ways you can use to check your IP address in Linux. It is your decision which method you are going to use.

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